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i am a designer who is innovative, thrives in collaboration, and is ecology sensitive.

i am curious by nature, and enjoy being challenged and creative. i love to work with people and their ideas with a, “yes, and...” approach.

to me, ecology means pushing boundaries of sustainable design, designing with communities, and on all scales to build relationships between organisms through art and architecture.


i'm looking for my next opportunity to create an art installation using my unique perspective. i am available for commissioned artwork pieces.

Indisernible Elements: Calcium Book

the book

Indiscernible Elements: Calcium 

i believe my drawings and passion for the environment are the catalysts that lead to my writing. my book, “indiscernible Elements” derives from my architectural thesis work on how architecture needs to practice living and dying and can no longer draw, design, and think from only a human perspective. indiscernible Elements has been nominated for the Schiff Foundation Fellowship Award.

Calcium I painting_edited_edited.jpg

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