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Vacant city site transformation

Vacant City

Project Type

Urban Design – Woodlawn, Chicago


Studio IV - 2019


Ellen Grimes


Katie Taylor


Rhino, Revit, Adobe

Derived by Sweetwater Foundation - a farm, art and craftsman center located in Southside Chicago. Working with the community we learned to address a number of issues including: food desert, education, housing, contaminated soil, vacant land, a lack of public space. Woodlawn neighborhood is setting a new precedent for cities by using their vacant land as an agricultural host for Chicagoland. By creating a bus route we connected education and agriculture to community kitchens, markets and restaurants. Using the existing train infrastructure to collect water and re-using grain mills for housing, storage and education purposes - the grain mills would be given to a family that could add onto it for their family needs or rentable space.

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